The Scottish Owl Centre is home to about 100 owls from 40 species from around the world. Most are breeding pairs on show to the public in sensitively designed spacious aviaries. The other 20 or so make up our trained ‘Flying Display Team’ and are the largest collection of trained owls in the world. They each have their own name and unique personality and can be seen during one of the daily flying displays. Here are some of them.

Species: Great Grey Owl

Likes: Harry Potter. She’s the sister of Errol in the films!

Dislikes: Golden Eagles.

Species: Milky Eagle Owl

Likes: Being nosey.

Dislikes: Pushchairs!

Species: Snowy Owl

Likes: Company… human and feline!

Dislikes: Hammering.

Species: Great Horned Owl

Likes: Eating… anything!

Dislikes: His aviary being hosed.

Species: Brown Wood Owl

Likes: Being noisy.

Dislikes: Bobble hats.

Species: Boobook Owl

Likes: Nibbling fingers.

Dislikes: Nothing. He’s a happy chappy!

Species: Tawny Owl

Likes: Hearing his name.

Dislikes: Eagle Owls.

Species: Eurasian Eagle Owl

Likes: Going for a walk.

Dislikes: Hudson, the Great Horned Owl.

Species: Barn Owl

Likes: Flying.

Dislikes: Eating too much.